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Personal curators of style, in a French-inspired boutique

‘Personal Curators of Style, in a French inspired boutique,’ is an embraced Blue Illusion ethos. Blue Illusion is an exciting and highly successful retail concept, launched in Australia over 15 years ago. Based upon the three fundamental pillars of Fashion, Lifestyle & Community, Blue Illusion has emerged as an important player on the Australian & New Zealand fashion retail scene and has established an enviable market position.

As the brand has evolved, so have its creators, Donna and Danny Guest. Blue Illusion is committed to maintain its charming formula of a local & personal boutique feel. This approach is key to the innovation of the brand.  It has been a clearly articulated brand essence, which ensures Blue Illusion consistently stands apart in the sector. It is a credit to the Donna & Danny that, despite 127 stores in Australia, New Zealand, and North America along with a growing e-commerce platform, many customers believe the store managers are the owners of the boutique business.

Each boutique captures the light, vibrant and inviting allure of the quintessential Parisian aesthetic. The romantic panorama of the French culture is reimagined within the retail store design. Blue Illusion’s beautiful products are displayed within this environment, providing customers with fun, comfortable and friendly surroundings. An environment which encourages one to explore new season merchandise including the latest apparel, fashion accessories, home wares, books and beauty offerings.

Blue Illusion is committed to developing a product range that not only captures the spirit of the brand yet is manufactured with a focus on quality. Blue Illusion has a comprehensive production compliance policy that ensures the conditions in which their products are manufactured are ethical. Only those manufacturers who comply with the policy are contracted for production purposes.

In addition, driving change and making a real difference is integral to Blue Illusion. On going partnerships with charities including World Vision, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Dress for Success, Bali Life, Red Cross Australia and Smith Family are the foundation to the brand’s vision of ultimate success. In recent years, it is estimated that Blue Illusion has donated in excess of $500k annually.

Danny & Donna Guest


Our Mission

We create a très chic lifestyle that celebrates the spirit of women, their passion for life and generosity of heart.

Our French inspired style embraces the Joie de Vivre of the everyday, making every experience unique and unforgettable.

Our purpose is guided by the three core pillars of Fashion, Community, and Lifestyle.

Our Vision

We create memorable life experiences for our community that empowers, supports, and celebrates each other.

Our Values

We give every customer an outstanding personalised experience in every boutique, every time.

We act in meaningful ways to create a positive social impact and give back to others. Together, we care about making the world a better place.

Like family, we recognise each other's contribution by sharing and celebrating our successes.

Our desire is to constantly maximise our full potential, both personally and professionally, allowing us to embrace change and practise constant and never ending improvement.   


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